Contactless Triage for COVID-19 at the front lines

A digital front door at the point of care

Many patients present to care facilities or testing centers with no appointment or video consult. When they arrive, they can access Apollo’s universal COVID-19 symptom screen from their smartphone. Apollo is based on the most current guidelines from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and is available in over 7 languages.

Patient downloads App upon arrival

Patients presenting to an ER or test facility can download Apollo by simply pointing their smartphone camera at a banner or texting “APOLLO” to a toll-free number.

CDC-based COVID-19 assessment captures patient’s symptoms

Apollo quickly guides the patient through a rapid symptom screen based on CDC guidelines and best practices for triage, built by emergency medicine physicians.

Patient’s symptoms are encoded into an encrypted Mobile Pass

If the patient’s reported symptoms indicate that they may need further medical attention, they are notified and provided with an encrypted Mobile Pass that encodes their symptom screening results, and asked to show it to an attending healthcare worker.

Scan Mobile Pass through car window

Healthcare staff scans the patient’s QR-coded mobile pass through the car window at a distance, ensuring that direct contact is limited and use of PPE is optimized. The patient’s symptom screen is securely transmitted to the health worker’s device.

Instant review of Patient’s COVID-19 symptoms

The app decrypts the QR code and displays detailed results of patient’s screening assessment, highlighting symptoms and risk factors related to COVID-19. This allows the health worker to quickly determine next steps and triage the patient to a higher level of care (or PPE) if necessary.

Direct calling in App

The health worker can instantly call the patient with the tap of a button to further discuss the patient’s symptoms and provide further instruction and triage. This allows for direct communication without exposure.